Toby Green

Director and Co - Founder

Toby Co-Founded Carbon Green Ltd (MyCarbon) in 2018 with Michael Greenhough. Toby has recently finished his PhD at the University of Leeds, with a research focus on Bioenergy. It was during the first year of his PhD when Toby was enlightened to the immense challenge of the Climate Crisis and decided to make his life's work tackling the challenge.   During his PhD, Toby became trained and certified in carbon calculation, carbon reporting, carbon reductions and carbon offsetting in order to help other individuals and businesses be part of the solution to climate change. Toby holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and a bachelor's degree in materials engineering from Loughborough University (PhD award incoming soon).

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Michael Greenhough

Director and Co-Founder

Michael Co-Founded Carbon Green Ltd (MyCarbon) in 2018 with Toby. Michael’s passion for the environment stemmed from a university project on how to reduce freshwater consumption within the oil and gas industry. Michael has worked in aerospace for 5 years and has held various roles including project management, research and development, manufacturing engineering, operations management and inventory / planning management. Michael’s focus in the aerospace industry was on the design and manufacture of lightweight / fuel efficient technologies focused on reducing the environmental impact of the aerospace industry. Michael holds a master’s of materials engineering from Loughborough University.

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Opio Innocent Miria

Director of Uganda Projects

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