MyCarbon is dedicated to providing its customers the easiest and most trustworthy service in regards to carbon footprint management following the process of calculation, reduction and offsetting. MyCarbon strives to build trust with its customers by following the Greenhouse Gas protocol and ISO 14064 policy guidance to ensure that GHG emissions are accurately calculated and reduction / offsetting assertions and can be correctly and publicly verified. 

MyCarbon recognizes that close inspection of its operational, directorial and employee behaviours are key to ensuring trust in its products and services. To ensure these behaviours align to the MyCarbon mission statement, the carbon footprints of the business, its directors and its employees are treated in the same fashion as its customers; using the calculate, reduce and offset principles. 

The key policy that MyCarbon follows in regards to its own operations is the reduction of its own carbon footprint by closely monitoring energy consumption, consumables, travel etc. Any CO2e MyCarbon can’t reduce is offset alongside the footprints of its directors and direct employees.

MyCarbon ensures to keep up to date with the most recent environmental regulation and research. Part of this process includes active involvement in UK academic research, supporting various universities to produce research papers relating to environmental policy. As of May 2021 MyCarbon will only be providing offsetting services / carbon credits as validated by a group UK academics to ensure their clients can create genuine environmental change through the purchase of MyCarbon products and services. 

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