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Be ahead of the competition and become a true climate champion by calculating, reducing, and offsetting your business's carbon footprint with MyCarbon today!

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Becoming a sustainability leader can be difficult, but MyCarbon will get you there in three simple steps: 




1. Calculate

MyCarbon’s team of experts provide transparent insights on your company’s emissions.

The first step in achieving your business' environmental goals and becoming a climate champion is to calculate your carbon footprint. 

By quantifying your carbon footprint, you will gain the information required to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and join the global effort in the fight against climate change.

Calculate Your Footprint

2. Reduce

Use this information to implement a carbon reduction strategy into your daily operations.

Once your carbon footprint has been calculated, we will help you understand the business benefits of implementing a carbon reduction plan. 

MyCarbon is able to provide a full greenhouse gas reduction plan to you in accordance with Science-based Targets.

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3. Offset

MyCarbon's experts offer a clear and certified way for businesses to offset their carbon footprint.

A carbon offset is the purchase and retirement of a carbon credit.

Carbon credits are generated through greenhouse gas projects which either avoid CO2 from entering the atmosphere or remove it directly from the atmosphere. E.g. Renewable energy projects or afforestation. 

Current Offsetting Projects

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