Carbon Neutral & Carbon Negative

Become Carbon Neutral or Carbon Negative with MyCarbon

To become a carbon neutral or carbon negative organisation the following is required: 

  • A greenhouse gas report in accordance with ISO 14064-1, quantifying all greenhouse gas emissions, either made publicly available or have had third party validated. 
  • Carbon credit retirement certification equal to or greater than the carbon footprint of your organisation as detailed within your greenhouse gas report. 

At MyCarbon, we are able to certify you as a carbon neutral or carbon negative business by calculating your organisation’s carbon footprint in accordance with ISO 14064 and by providing you with the highest quality carbon credits available on the market. 

What Your Organisation Will Receive

By selecting MyCarbon to certify your organisation as carbon neutral or carbon negative you will receive:

  • The MyCarbon greenhouse gas data collection pack.
  • Full support in greenhouse gas data collection.
  • A carbon footprint calculation conducted by an experienced carbon management expert.
  • A greenhouse gas report written in accordance with ISO 14064-1. 
  • A full detailed breakdown of your organisation’s carbon footprint. 
  • Recommendations on environmental and sustainability goals for your organisation.
  • Recommendations on how to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint. 

The Cost of Becoming Carbon Neutral or Carbon Negative

At MyCarbon we aim to make becoming carbon neutral or carbon negativite (and our other services) available to all. Whether you’re a small coffee shop, a chain of bars and restaurants or a leading U.K. university, MyCarbon is available and affordable for you. 

Our cost of calculation and reporting a carbon footprint is fully dependent on the size of your organisation and the amount of different greenhouse gas emission sources that require calculating.  The cost of becoming carbon neutral or carbon negative is then dependent on your organisation’s carbon footprint. 

For small organisations, our starting price is £199 for carbon footprint calculations and £299 for the greenhouse gas report. An organisation with a small carbon footprint could become certified as carbon neutral or carbon negative for comfortably under £1000. 

Making organisations become carbon neutral or carbon negative is one of our favourite things to do. Please get in touch to book an appointment to tell us about your unique situation. 

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