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We use internationally certified methodologies for measuring and offsetting emissions at the corporate level strengthening transparency and trust in our capabilities with our clients.


Corporate ISO 14064:1

This document specifies principles and requirements at the organisation level for the quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals. It includes requirements for the design, development, management, reporting and verification of an organisation's GHG inventory.

Product ISO 14067 & Product ISO 14040

ISO 14040 specifies the principles and framework for life cycle assessment (LCA) including: definition of the goal and scope, the life cycle inventory analysis phase, the life cycle impact assessment phase, the life cycle interpretation phase, reporting and critical review of the LCA, limitations of the LCA, the relationship between the LCA phases, and conditions for use of value choices and optional elements.

ISO 14067 specifies principles, requirements and guidelines for the quantification and reporting of the carbon footprint of a product (CFP), in a manner consistent with International Standards on life cycle assessment (LCA).


Carbon Reduction Strategy Standards

In accordance with PAS 2060, this offers the specification for the demonstration of carbon neutrality to be an internationally recognised standard designed to verify the accuracy of claims made by corporate entities claiming carbon neutrality or carbon zero.

Science-Based Targets Initiative

Science-based targets give businesses a clear path to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, allowing them to avoid the worst effects of climate change while also ensuring future commercial success.

Targets are considered 'science-based' if they are in accordance with what the most recent climate science agree are required to accomplish the Paris Agreement's goals of keeping global warming well below 2°C and pursuing efforts to keep it below 1.5°C.


Carbon Neutral

In accordance with PAS 2060, this indicates that the organisation or product to which it is referring to has contributed no net greenhouse emissions to the atmosphere, i.e. its impact on climate change is zero.

Net Zero

The balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. We reach net zero when the amount we add is no more than the amount taken away.

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