What is Carbon Offsetting? 

To begin, you must first understand what a carbon credit is:

1 Carbon Credit = 1 tonne of CO2e 


  • 1 tonne of CO2e removed from the atmosphere (preferred)
  • 1 tonne of CO2e prevented from entering the atmosphere 

A carbon offset is the purchase and retirement of a carbon credit.

As a carbon credit is a tradable commodity it can be traded repeatedly. By retiring a carbon credit you ensure it can never be resold, and you are therefore responsible for the carbon removal or reduction.

If your carbon footprint is 100 tonnes of CO2e, and you purchased and retired 100 carbon credits, you would be carbon neutral.  

Types of Carbon Credits

Carbon credits are created through a stringent auditing process of a carbon credit project which includes multiple 3rd party validation and verification processes. Carbon credit projects can either be emission reduction or emission removal based. At MyCarbon, we believe that a supporting range of these carbon credit projects are vital for tackling climate change. 

Carbon Credit Emission Reduction Projects:

  • Forest Protection / Avoided deforestation
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency

Carbon Credit Emission Removal Projects:

  • Peatland restoration 
  • Reforestation 
  • Direct air capture with carbon storage
  • Carbon capture storage

  • A carbon footprint offsetting plan created by an experienced carbon management expert to align with your organisation’s sustainability strategy.
  • A range of the highest quality carbon credits available on the market to select from.
  • A carbon credit portfolio to align with your budget. 

  • The purchase and retirement of the required carbon credits completed on your organisation’s behalf. 
  • Certification of carbon credit retirement on a public registry. 
  • A fast and efficient service. 

The Cost of Offsetting Your Organisation’s Carbon Footprint

At MyCarbon we aim to make Carbon Offsetting (and our other services) available to all. Whether you’re a small coffee shop, a chain of bars and restaurants or a leading U.K. university, MyCarbon is available and affordable for you. 

Our cost of carbon offsetting is fully dependent on the amount of carbon you wish to offset and the types of projects you wish to offset with. Please get in touch to book an appointment so we can learn more about your unique requirements.

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