How Offsetting Works

There are numerous ways to offset your carbon footprint, but through our best assessment of current carbon offsetting projects, MyCarbon does all the hard work for you.

What is an offset?

A carbon offset is established when an activity prevents, decreases, or removes greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

Carbon offsets are measured in metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent, with each tonne purchased equating to one tonne of CO2 removed from the atmosphere. Carbon offsets can be used to reduce or eliminate your unavoidable emissions. Offsets can be used to balance all or part of the emissions recorded.

What's the difference?


Ensuring that emission reductions are permanent and do not shift elsewhere


The removal and sequestration of CO2 from the atmosphere

Carbon Certification

Described by the Carbon Trust, carbon certification demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to decarbonisation, and the neutralisation of remaining impact through the support of environmental projects.  Once your business has successfully offset emissions through MyCarbon, we will provide you with an official carbon certification.

Carbon Coalition

The EAUC Carbon Coalition is a consortium of UK and Ireland higher and further education institutions that have joined together to offset their emissions leveraging their combined buying power and knowledge. MyCarbon is currently partnered with the Carbon Coalition to facilitate and empower their offsetting goals.

The offsetting process will be achieved using a portfolio of carbon credits selected and provided by MyCarbon. The Carbon Coalition is governed by an Advisory Board which is made up of experts, practitioners and academics from the UK’s leading universities. The Advisory Board agree the scoring criteria and methodology created by MyCarbon (based on The Offsetting Briefing) to which offsetting projects are assessed against in order to become part of the Carbon Coalition Portfolio. MyCarbon will evaluate the most sustainable, robust and cost-effective projects available which will become the Carbon Coalition Portfolio. The key goal of scoring the credits is to ensure the purchase and retirement of these credits drives genuine positive change in regards to emissions reduction.

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What We Offer

Offsetting Strategy

In order to have a stable offsetting strategy, a long-term strategy mapping numerous offsetting projects and opportunities is necessary. At MyCarbon, we do this for you.

Offsetting Purchase & Retirement

We have close relationships with many projects to achieve competitive pricing across a range of projects inclusive of: Nature based, renewables, energy efficiency, direct air carbon capture and other innovative projects

Carbon Neutrality

Net Zero Requirements

Pricing starting from £1499

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Transparency is important to us at MyCarbon. Not only does this provide a looking glass into how our processes work, but it also provides accountability for our excellence.

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