MyCarbon Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan

Once your carbon footprint has been calculated, your organisation will be ready to begin reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is a key part in tackling climate change and must be prioritised in any sustainability plans. 

MyCarbon is able to provide a full greenhouse gas reduction plan  to your organisation in accordance with ISO 14064-2 (Specification with guidance at the project level for quantification, monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emission reductions or removal enhancements).

MyCarbon’s greenhouse gas reduction plan follows the key principles of ISO 14064:


Full disclosure of the methodology on how your carbon footprint shall be reduced. 


The relevant greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint calculation methodologies will be utilised for the greenhouse gas reduction plan.


All of MyCarbon’s emission factors required for calculating your organisation’s carbon footprint reduction are from peer reviewed sources. All uncertainties will be reduced as far as practical. 


All relevant greenhouse gas emissions will be included within the greenhouse gas reduction plan. 


To enable meaningful comparisons in greenhouse gas related information. i.e. to be able to compare your carbon footprint reductions on an annual basis. 

What Your Organisation Will Receive

By selecting MyCarbon to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint, you will receive:

  • A carbon footprint reduction plan created by an experienced carbon management expert to align with your organisation’s sustainability strategy.
  • A greenhouse gas reduction plan written in accordance with ISO 14064-2. 
  • A cost analysis of the greenhouse gas reduction plan.

The Cost of Reducing Your Organisation’s Carbon Footprint

At MyCarbon we aim to make our greenhouse gas reduction plans (and our other services) available to all. Whether you’re a small coffee shop, a chain of bars and restaurants or a leading U.K. university, MyCarbon is available and affordable for you. 

Our cost of creating a greenhouse gas reduction plan is fully dependent on the size and type of your organisation. Please get in touch to book an appointment so we can learn more about your unique requirements.

To begin with your carbon footprint analysis, please contact us


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