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The second step in becoming an emissions reduction champion is discovering ways to reduce your emissions. At MyCarbon, we make that process easy for you!

Once your carbon footprint has been calculated, your organisation will be ready to begin reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. Not only will this help cut costs in the long run, reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a key part in tackling climate change and must be prioritised in any sustainable initiative.

MyCarbon is able to provide a full greenhouse gas reductio plan to your organisation in line with science-based targets. This incudes specification with guidance at the project level for quantification, monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emission reductions or removal enhancements. 

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A Hot Spot in relation to a Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) is simply an abstract area or high point of concern. These hot spots that indicate the highest impact receive the highest value, whereas an item with low relevance is assigned a low value. The hot spots are determined by multiplying the value of the category and the value of the phase.

When a business carbon footprint is mapped, understanding key hot spot emissions could allow for more fine-tuned reduction areas in your carbon offset plan. Identifying these areas of unsustainable production and consumption allows your business to prioritise emission reductions in strategy that suits your business capacities.


How does a business meet their carbon neutral or net zero goals? It's not easy, however when given a unique reduction roadmap, the business is able to take a more practical and guided approach in their sustainability strategy.

A sustainability strategy--also known as a corporate responsibility strategy--is a prioritised set of actions and long-term organisational performance that necessitates sustainability. Organisations must be able to demonstrate a commitment to their long-term future as regulators, investors, customers and other stakeholders place a growing emphasis on sustainability. That means having a solid business sustainability strategy in place which allows goods to be produced and services to be delivered in a long-term manner. An established structure to focus investments and drive performance is the starting point for any business sustainability strategy.

Some suggestions that MyCarbon believes aids in developing a successful sustainability strategy

- Understand your business limitations
- Prioritise business principals
- Accurately quantify and organise your data
- Be prepared to invest in the process
- Develop an action plan
- Report your Progress


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