Sustainability Strategies

Creating a Sustainability Strategy

What is Sustainability? 

Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. 

A sustainable business is an organisation whereby environmental concern, social impact and profitability are in unison. 

Running a sustainable business involves being more efficient, maximising the positive effects and minimising the negative impacts for the environment, society and mankind.

Sustainability Strategies

Every business needs to prioritise. For corporate responsibility and sustainability professionals, a strategy sets out the priorities. A sustainability strategy provides an agreed framework for deploying resources, creating an impact against climate change and communicating results. When done effectively, the process of developing a sustainability strategy - as well as the resulting framework - can help to:

  • Build buy-in amongst employees
  • Guide resources and investment into the most important areas
  • Engage external stakeholders in a meaningful dialogue
  • Drive performance by stretching the company to achieve goals

At MyCarbon we have a five step framework for creating a sustainability strategy for all businesses and organisations: 

  1. Vision, Mission, Values: What is the desired end goal? How do you plan on delivering the goal? The guiding principles on which the goal will be achieved. 

  2. Identifying the Issues that Matter: Target the highest impact and highest interest issues relevant to your business. A rigorous process of identifying issues for inclusion in the sustainability strategy is an essential starting point.

  3. Prioritising Effectively: A great sustainability strategy needs to have a hierarchy of priorities and a clear focus. 

  4. Targets and KPIs: Targets must be Specific, Measurable, Ambitious, Relevant and Time-bound. 

  5. Implementation: A sustainability strategy is only as successful as it’s delivery. 

MyCarbon is able to help your business develop a superb sustainability strategy which aligns with your organisation's vision, mission and values. We are able to access your organization's current sustainability position, identify the issues which matter most, help prioritise your sustainability issues, set SMART targets and assist with implementation of your sustainability strategy. 

What Your Organisation Will Receive

By selecting MyCarbon to produce a sustainability strategy for your organisation you will receive:

  • Full support from an expert sustainability consultant for the entire process. 
  • The MyCarbon greenhouse gas data collection pack.
  • The MyCarbon sustainability data collection pack
  • A carbon footprint calculation conducted by an experienced carbon management expert.

  • A greenhouse gas report written in accordance with ISO 14064-1. 
  • A full detailed breakdown of your organisation’s carbon footprint and environmental impact.
  • A complete sustainability strategy for your organisation
  • Fast and efficient service. 

The Cost of Becoming Carbon Neutral or Carbon Negative

At MyCarbon we aim to make becoming a sustainable business (and our other services) available to all. Whether you’re a small coffee shop, a chain of bars and restaurants or a leading U.K. university, MyCarbon is available and affordable for you. 

Our cost of sustainability strategy development is fully dependent on the size of your organisation.  Get in touch to book an initial consultation and we can discuss your unique requirements. 

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