'insuring' EV Success with ga insurance 

Creating pioneering carbon-neutral EV insurance cover to compensate for vehicle emissions. Using an innovative LCA methodology!

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Covering A New Angle...

In 2023 MyCarbon partnered with Planet Moja (a curator of carbon removal, reduction and biodiversity projects in Africa), to help GA Insurance establish a new form of carbon-neutral insurance cover designed exclusively for electric vehicles.

This collaboration established a pioneering reduction initiative via Kenyan offsetting projects and is a first on the Kenyan insurance market, setting the benchmark for best practice in terms of those looking to offer compensation and cover for unavoidable emissions.  

The Fine Print 

The really clever bit?

The MyCarbon team worked out a brand new methodology to calculate the emissions that would be specifically associated with insuring the car, compared to the other costs an owner might face running a car. An impressive six classes of vehicles were covered here! 

And now, thanks to this innovative solution, policy users can be reassured that they have a fully validated carbon-neutral policy! 


The Final Destination

Planet Moja and GA Insurance now proudly support Kenyan projects within their carbon offsetting strategy, offering innovative climate-conscious insurance solutions in Kenya.

Some of the independently verified projects used were Project BURN (utilising cookstoves to reduce dependence on charcoal for cooking) and project Kasigau Wildlife Corridor which protects natual reserves of carbon whilst also safeguarding endangered wildlife along major Kenyan travel routes.

This project, and MyCarbon's unique approach to carbon accounting in the insurance sector, has now set a new standard in the region for environmental responsibility 


"In launching our carbon neutral GA Eco Drive Cover policy, we required a rigorous professional approach to assessing our product and achieving certification by MyCarbon & Planet Moja exceeded our expectations.

What truly stood out was their ability to blend a wealth of worldwide knowledge with a deep understanding of the specific Kenyan context. The discussion and reports were thorough, clear and very effective in raising our understanding of carbon management and sustainability strategy.

We truly appreciate the effort that Planet Moja put into this exercise and look forward to expanding our partnership.“ (Margaret Amondi, Actuary, GA Insurance Limited)

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