Our Mission

Become Carbon Neutral

Our mission is to provide a way of enabling people who wish to help the environment to do so through a cost effective, simple to use platform. Our aim is for every person and organisation in the UK to offset their greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate their contributions to global warming. We plan to set up our own carbon projects around the world, starting with a tree planting project in Uganda.

Calculating Your Carbon Footprint

Individual Users

Through our user-friendly carbon calculator, you are able to calculate your own carbon footprint. The MyCarbon carbon calculator considers your home energy usage, lifestyle and travel, as well as governmental expenditure to produce an approximate annual carbon footprint. After completing the carbon calculator, you will receive a breakdown of your emissions. With this information, you will be directed on how to best reduce your carbon footprint as well as offsetting your carbon footprint.

Businesses and Organisations

For business users, our carbon model follows the International standard ISO 14064-1: ‘quantifying and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions’. MyCarbon will provide you with a template to which you will be instructed on what data is required. The data will then be processed and analysed by the MyCarbon team.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

The most effective way to reduce your impact on global warming is to directly minimise your carbon footprint. Some simple ways to this can be achieved include: 

  • Eating less meat (starting with beef and lamb)
  • Reducing your air miles
  • Taking public transport, walking, or riding a bike
  • Using a smart thermostat

The MyCarbon carbon calculator will assess the key factors affecting your carbon footprint and provide personal insights and advice on how to directly reduce your emissions. Many of these insights have the potential to reduce your carbon footprint and save you money by being more efficient. Energy is expensive!

Offsetting Your Carbon Footprint

Carbon offsetting is a process that allows organisations and individuals to fund projects that are directly reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Many of these projects would not be financially viable without the carbon credit market, therefore purchasing carbon credits allows these projects to exist, resulting in a reduction of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere. 

An example of a greenhouse gas project (a project that creates a carbon credit) would be a forestation project. Trees are one of the most valuable resources on the planet because they remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis and convert it into valuable materials, beautiful scenery and wildlife habitats. A tree can store tonnes of carbon dioxide during its lifetime. Planting trees and managing a forest is expensive due to the land and labour requirements. Carbon credits can be used to fund these projects. For a tree planting project to produce tradable carbon credits, there are many restrictions and guidelines to ensure that the correct number of carbon credits are produced for the amount of carbon dioxide that is being stored. This will involve an expensive, strict third-party auditing process to calculate and validate the carbon credits and a contractual agreement by the land owner to ensure the carbon dioxide remains stored. Other greenhouse gas projects include: renewable energy projects, energy efficiency projects and energy reduction projects.

MyCarbon has developed a high-quality portfolio of carbon credit sources with a variety of projects including forestation and renewable energy projects to ensure that as much carbon dioxide has been stored in an ethical and sustainable manner. By purchasing the MyCarbon carbon offsetting service, your carbon footprint will be offset using this high-quality carbon credit portfolio and you will receive a certificate of carbon credit retirement from an independent credit retirement specialist on a monthly basis to prove that your offsetting has been successful.

Our service also allows you to freely update your carbon emissions report with any increases or decreases that you might make to your carbon footprint during each month. An example of this could be a flight, a holiday or changing to a vegetarian diet, as many activities can make a big difference to your carbon footprint.

Calculate Your Carbon