empowering ideal change: shaping sustainable best practice with ideal standard

Embarking on a transformative journey, Ideal Standard is collaborating with MyCarbon x THG Eco to meticulously calculate emissions, pinpoint environmental hotspots, and foster sustainability awareness among its employees.

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The Ideal Standard 

With over a 100 years experience in combining beautiful design with functionality in bathrooms, Ideal Standard aspires to transform the industry not just with their innovative products but also through delivering on impactful sustainability goals.

Their mission goes beyond creating efficient bathroom solutions—it’s about instigating meaningful change across the key spheres of environmental, social, and governance and creating products that are synonymous with water and energy conservation.

The Solution

Ideal Standard chose MyCarbon x THG Eco to undertake a rigorous GHG assessment, encompassing Scopes 1, 2, and full scope 3, across its network of 13 global manufacturing sites and offices.

Our team, in collaboration with Ideal Standard, ensured the procurement of accurate and extensive data, researching and incorporating industry-standard emission factors where needed, to deliver a detailed and robust GHG report, aligned with ISO-14064-1 standard.

The Ideal Journey

MyCarbon x THG Eco not only highlighted areas with significant emission outputs but also key strategic operational changes Ideal Standard needed to tackle to make short and long term meaningful carbon abatements.

From exploring alternatives to natural gas, the potential feasiblity of direct carbon capture storage, and running extensive workshops for over 100 employees on various facets of climate action and footprinting, our approach ensured that the journey was as enlightening as it was impactful.


The Result

This project resulted in profound insights and localized strategies to reduce emissions, paving the way for the implementation of science-based targets and a comprehensive roadmap to net-zero. With a renewed focus and understanding of sustainability, Ideal Standard is now more equipped and inspired to navigate the intricate pathways of sustainable transformation.

Excitingly, our partnership continues to evolve, with planned ongoing projects and strategies aimed at fully understanding, analyzing, and reducing GHG emissions and cultivating a deeper, company-wide understanding of sustainability.

Partner with MyCarbon

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