LOOKFANTASTIC® is Europe’s leading online premium beauty retailer, providing a comprehensive range of over 22,000 beauty products with complimentary worldwide shipping to over 200 countries.

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Two common goals. Sustainability

Look Fantastic partnered with MyCarbon, a leading sustainability consulting firm, to help them achieve their sustainability goals.

Known for their pragmatic and scientific approach to sustainability, where profit and planet are valued in equal measure, MyCarbon's approach aligned well with Look Fantastic's values.

MyCarbon's work supported Look Fantastic's in moving to a more minimalist packaging approach, cutting down on over £2 million in costs across their packaging and supply chain whilst still providing great customer experience and value.

MyCarbon, THG’s sustainability partner since 2021, has helped numerous clients across sectors quantify, reduce, and offset their emissions.

Their deep understanding of THG’s operations and the packaging industry enabled them to develop a tailored testing process for analyzing Look Fantastic’s packaging decision efficiently.

With a manufacturing deadline approaching, Look Fantastic needed to swiftly confirm or revert the proposed change.

During a corporate footprint analysis, Look Fantastic identified their ‘Beauty Box’ packaging as a significant source of emissions and costs. The current version, which featured individually separated products displayed in a larger cardboard box, proved cumbersome, complex, and expensive to ship.

Customers also had to dispose of the excess cardboard. Additionally, production in China and reliance on sea freight were major contributors to Look Fantastic’s emissions.

The decision to change

The Look Fantastic team wanted to make a change that would benefit the company, customers, and the planet.

To ensure their decision was supported by scientific evidence and showcased their commitment to quality, they enlisted MyCarbon to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on their packaging.

An LCA assesses the environmental impact of a product throughout its entire lifecycle.

Data collection across the supply chain is often a challenge in sustainability projects, but MyCarbon’s ‘open source’ data collection method and supply chain engagement strategies made the process efficient. The project was completed in just 5 weeks with minimal issues.

The figures speak for themselves

MyCarbon reported that the packaging upgrade would decrease the paper/ cardboard used by 61.4%.

Moving the shipping location to the EU, and embracing a minimalist style with reduce the total carbon footprint by 72.48%

All told these changes could save Look Fantastic over £2 million in packaging and related supply chain costs!

The result

All of this pointed to a very credible and sound business decision, enabling Look Fantastic to reduce their environmental impact and demonstrate a commitment to the planet and the integrity of their product.

The success of the LCA has been truly phenomenal for Look Fantastic. They have set an example for others to follow by taking a proactive approach to sustainability and demonstrating that minimalism can maximise their customer experience and competitive offering in the beauty space! They were able to achieve their sustainability goals while also improving their competitive edge in the market. They have demonstrated their commitment to the planet and the integrity of their product, giving them an edge over their competitors. By taking a proactive approach to sustainability, Look Fantastic has set an example for others to follow in the industry!

"From the very start, we were impressed with MyCarbon's expertise in sustainability; working with them was a truly seamless experience...which helped make a potentially complex project very manageable. Their support and guidance throughout the entire project gave us the confidence to make important key business decisions.

We're proud to have taken a proactive approach to sustainability and to have demonstrated that minimalism can maximise customer experience and our competitive edge in the beauty space. It's been an incredible journey, and we couldn't have done it without MyCarbon." (Philippa Desiderio, THG Eco Managing Director)

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